Les Cousins Marc & Adrià. A truly deep and introspective journey for the winemakers, that pair of Les Cousins wines do depict scenes of their early life and times: The recklessness and unawareness at «L'inconscient» and the conflict at the «L'antagonique».
Intentionally commercial and catchy, but still easygoing, handmade and timeless. The different labels are sampling their own story, ready to allow us to engage with them and feel how universal and close it can become.

Design & Art Direction: JJ Bertran. Illustration: Joan Fernàndez «negrescolor». Production: CMYK offset printing. First run: Barcelona, 2010 by Gràficas Vidal-Armadans.


Les Cousins

Product Identity  ·  Label Design  ·  Art Direction

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