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Best-known as an author, advocate and all-round action woman, Tara Moss can now add vintage blogger and host of a Youtube channel – Sewing Vintage with Tara Moss – to her resume.

We caught up with Tara to ask her about her passion for sewing, the exploration of typically gendered roles and why she feels it’s crucial to rediscover traditional skills.

"Rolls-Royce," she informed Miss Diary, who is familiar with the ship in the Silversea fleet given her brother Andrew Carbone is assistant cruise director (Diary has connections across the miles).

Sheila, a frequent-cruising member of the Venetian Society, discovered the Carbone connection when the invitation arrived for a welcome dinner on Andrew's table. Sheila was the epitome of the lady of leisure, breakfasting in bed, surfacing after midday, staying on board in the ports and pampering herself in the spa with neck and shoulder massages, manicures, pedicures, and keeping her well-coiffed hair upright.

You may think this is a junket but MPs have to fork out 9 of their own money. LET'S recap the drama starring Ballarat Mayor David Vendy, father of stunning Hollywood aspirant Krista Vendy, who is dating the smooth William Hurt (they could be co-stars if the saga makes it to the screen).

Mayor Vendy is charged with assaulting planning objector Frank Campbell, charges are dismissed after Campbell agrees to an apology, the combatants shake hands, Vendy denies apologising, then hard-working ratepayers heckle the council when it votes to cover Vendy's costs, a grand total of ,640.

Plugging her Melbourne-based novel Hit, Tara is photographed with the caption: "Author Tara Moss ponders some of Melbourne's irresistible shopping while enjoying a coffee break in one of the city's atmospheric laneways." Sad, then, that Tara's love affair with Melbourne and her hubby no longer proved irresistible and atmospheric.I have a lot more to learn, but I can now identify different construction techniques, stitches and fabrics, and that makes identifying quality much easier.I now look on the inside of clothes, and pay much more attention. Once you have a real sense of garment quality and what goes into the process, and you really pay attention to the lovingly hand stitched hem or finish, you’ll never look at most factory-made modern clothing the same way again.Just over a year ago I made a pact with myself to learn to sew.It was a vital life skill I lacked, and I had come to realise – a little overdue – how much I needed to learn.

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