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Montezuma's revenge, the Delhi belly, worship to the porcelain god...

call it what you like, food poisoning and similar [vomiting] viral infections are an unfortunate caveat of travel and can strike at any time and in any place.

So you packed your bag and got your 'before you go' shit together. But if you are heading out for the first time, it is not easy to understand exactly the factors you may deal with.

Now what will it be like 'on the road' when you get going? Once you understand them better you can stop worrying about your trip and where you are going, safe in the knowledge there is nothing [or little] to be worried about!

The dirty culprits are normally cooks not washing their hands after a trip to the toilet, but even if the restaurant cook does not understand basic hygiene you will be safe if your food has been properly cooked and arrives piping hot.

Whatever causes it or wherever it came from doesn't really matter - try to let diarrhoea pass through you with plenty of water, a basic diet and maybe try apple sliced very thin then left to turn brown.

So many things can be responsible for a case of the squits, many point the finger at water, poor hygiene in cooking and general.

Just allow time for it, and take the rough with the smooth, as it were - there is very little you can do about it once the poison is inside you apart from avoiding dehydration (Gatorade type sports drinks are much easier to drink than water and will replace a little energy/salt), get plenty of rest and let it come out of you (in whatever form - severe and continual vomiting that is preventing you from keeping water down and/or retching for long periods can be treated by tablets or an injection; either way consult a doctor if symptoms are persisting.The latter, the more severe form can be totally incapacitating and is normally coupled with vomiting.Such may have you go through hell and back for at least 6-24 hours and will be a case of something more sinister such as the .There seems to be two types: one that will come on suddenly (often in the middle of the night) and see you throwing up all night, feeling pretty shit the next day and that's it, and the other, much worse, will come on slower and last several days.The difference is probably the strength of the poison, how well formed it was when ingested it and if viral or bacterial.

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