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It was certainly one of Kohli's more determined innings.

The constant falling of wickets at the other end had slowed Kohli down a bit, else with India surging at 160-2 at one stage in the 28th over and the skipper touching 70, it did begin to appear that a first double hundred was on the cards.

A 'Blokes and Bitches Unite' group of members from either page has 25,000 members, and also sells custom pact with BA was to prevent this happening again."We would make sure everyone in our group protected Blokes Advice content and we would make sure no one posted names and faces - if we received the same courtesy," she said. page now has more members than the original and serves up a steady stream of photos of naked women, barbecued sausages, severed thumbs, fish caught from boats, bull terriers, and bonfires of empty beer cartons.

Facebook shut down the original Blokes Advice page in August for glorifying rape and violence against women. Confidentiality and loyalty are key: The BGA page serves up a steady stream of dick pics, screenshots of bad pickup lines and teenage DTF messages on tinder, dark stories about abusive relationships, horror tales of random hookups gone wrong, and call-outs for 'body positive' photos.

In Durban, the ton (112) came in a clinical chase - an effort that he's accomplished 20 times now in what is being hailed a remarkable feat already.

Since then, membership has quadrupled to over 200,000.

It has the same code of loyalty: BGA and BA like to present themselves as rival forces, men versus women, but they're also allies against a larger existential threat: being shut down by Facebook."We just want to be left alone," the BGA admin said."The girls just want a place to be confident and be themselves - but we keep getting harassed.

We don't harass anyone we just want to be left alone."It's been difficult for the page of 200,000 young women to be left alone. One caption of naked women recently posted on BA reads: "Few shots from BGA.

But what members haven't been told is that late last year administrators of the page shared nude pics with a rival blokes-only group as a kind of "peace offering" to keep the men away.'Blokes Advice' (BA) has over 350,000 members, mostly from Brisbane and the Sunshine and Gold Coast. According to a leaked BGA admin conversation, the photos - originally posted by women for women in a 'body positive' thread - were sent to the men to the men after a dispute.

A BGA admin contacted by confirmed this happened, but says the admins had gained the consent of the women in the photos to share them."Basically Blokes Advice members were sneaking into our women's only page and screenshotting girls nude selfies and sharing them into their page with their names and contact details," she said."One girl was so harassed she said to us that she felt like her life was ruined."We decided that we needed to do something so they would stop posting the girls details.

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