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“You don’t know what a welcome surprise it was to hear from you,” Irene Garza wrote in her graceful longhand, in a letter to an old friend postmarked April 9, 1960.

A crowd gathered to watch as police detectives and sheriff’s deputies used a tarp to lift Irene’s body from the water.“This may not sound like much, but to me it means a great deal,” she explained.“It means I’m overcoming my terrible shyness and becoming surer of myself.” Her job was a source of great pride (“These children I am teaching have been such a joy to me”), but it was her faith, which she returned to again and again in her letter, that sustained her. You see, I’ve been going to communion and Mass daily and you can’t imagine the courage and faith and happiness it has given me.” The following Saturday, April 16, 1960, Irene borrowed the family car to go to church, promising her mother she would not be long.Three hundred yards from the spot where the shoe had landed on the pavement, a fellow teacher, Alfredo “Peewee” Barrera, caught sight the following morning of what appeared to be a black patent-leather purse lying in the middle of a field.It looked as if it had been flung out the window of a passing car.

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