Ptsd dating veteran

I find it sad that these very people are the ones judged and carrying the stigma that goes with mental illnesses/disorders.

you have to know how to “correctly” handle these situations.

Instead, we do share our life story in hopes it will help another individual or family make it through another day and to even be able to carry a smile with it 🙂 NO ONE deserves to stand alone!

See, PTSD and other mental illnesses do not pick a nation, skin color, adult or child, they are not only military related, and do not choose an age.

This write-up is only intended to help you to be aware of what is involved in choosing and training a dog with the goal of it becoming a service dog.

I cannot tell anyone if self-training or use of a service dog is for them or not, that is something that only you can decide for yourself.

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I want to start this journal of mine by saying “Welcome” to everyone!

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