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The federal government is responsible for establishing objectives for the entire country and the provincial governments are responsible for enforcing these objectives and developing the methods to achieve these goals.Today, provincial governments are developing their own strategies in order to reach the national goals.On the other hand, the federal government has the power to make treaties with foreign countries.This has important implications for treaties involving energy production, like the Kyoto Protocol, which the Canadian government signed in 2002.Although the federal government had the authority to sign the treaty, it may require the cooperation of the provincial governments to enforce it.Canada has a robust energy profile with abundant and diverse resources. These policies are implemented at both the federal and provincial governmental level.The energy and climate policies in Canada are interrelated.These energy and climate policies are implemented at both the federal and provincial government level.

In Canada's federal system of government, jurisdiction over energy is divided between the federal and provincial and territorial governments.

The consuming provinces regulate distribution systems and oversee the retail price of natural gas to consumers.

The key regulations with respect to the wholesale and retail electricity competition are at the provincial level.

A recent SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis conducted in 2013 of a Canadian energy and climate policies has shows that there is a lack of consistency between federal and regional strategies.

The reason for this lack of consistency was attributed to the economic and environmental realities, the diversity of energy sources and energy demands that vary greatly among the Canadian provinces.

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