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Although his advice in the just-published The Accounting Rookie Job Market: A Practitioner’s Guide is targeted at young accounting Ph D job seekers looking for teaching and research positions, we thought it contained interesting advice that could help out many job-seekers. First, one of my advisers (former HBS professor) Fabrizio Ferri made me promise I’d write about my experience for future job seekers, and I couldn’t say no to him because he had spent so many hours helping me prepare…What started as an informal memo kept getting longer, and I finally realized I might be able to do a service by putting all this information into one package.

We asked Rouen about his job tips in this email Q&A. Silverthorne: Is the academic job market for accounting Ph Ds a difficult field to break into?

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That’s why I’m always surprised when I meet people and say I study accounting that their first response isn’t, “That’s so cool!

” Silverthorne: I was surprised by your emphasis on physical training and food strategies. Rouen: To be fair, I have no self-control around sweets.

At first, she felt like a slacker, watching those around her rise through the ranks while she stayed put.But once she realized that she loved her job and did not want to make the sacrifices a promotion would entail, she was overcome by a sense of contentment.Balancing inside and outside pressures when choosing a career is a monumental task, but the first step is acknowledging those internal pressures and trying to attach value to them.He stole our hearts playing characters with the perfect amount of sensitivity and masculinity in "Dear John" and "The Vow." We couldn't take our eyes off him and those abs in the "Magic Mike" movies, and he was elevated to god status when we witnessed his undying adoration for his wife and daughter.Harvard Business School announced via Facebook yesterday that Tatum, along with LL Cool J, Pau Gasol and Chris Paul, is enrolled in a Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports class taught by Professor Anita Elberse.

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