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She was afraid his tenderness was in gratitude for all the help she was giving him.

Ali had hidden out in dingy basements, negotiated deals with shady middlemen, risked his life on a crowded rubber boat,and survived his three-week odyssey on the Balkan route.

Grandma gave them an envelope with some cash for Christmas with the words "Truth Love” scrawled in English on the front.

Her father cooks with Ali; the two of them go to soccer games together. "Before we get married, I will tell him, then everything will be good,” he explains.

By contrast he met Lena's parents after only four weeks, and shortly after that, he was drinking sparkling German wine and helping them trim the Christmas tree for the holidays in a city in western Germany's Ruhr Valley.

Lena's family is enraptured by Ali, and sees the pair's love is real.

Words, feelings and their refugee fate — the teenage refugees have a lot in common with the famous German Jewish poet.Most of Germany's refugees come to escape death and war. It was mid-September of last year, just weeks after the body of a baby refugee from Syria was found washed up on a beach in Turkey. But if they are to be integrated into society, some of them will have to. Ali* had just hopped off a midnight train from Munich in Berlin's main railway station and was tired, bewildered.But he was fully unprepared for the rituals of Western love.He spent his first night with Lena in bed with his clothes on.

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