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Don’t Make Waves (1967) – Based on the 1959 novel “Muscle Beach”, by Ira Wallach, this comedy stars Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale.It follows a series of love triangles set on the beach of Southern California.The date for this showing and others to be announced at a later time.Although there have been no permits to film recorded for 2017 be sure to check out “Among the Stars” and these other fifteen notable movies filmed in the area.It tells the story of newlyweds Julia and River Mc Coy (played by Lexi Giovagnoli and Adam Hagenbuch) who are stranded at a coastal bed and breakfast during a hurricane.Julia begins seeing a ghostly figure whom she believes to be the ghost of Alice Flagg.

Stateside (2005) – Starring Jonathan Tucker and Rachael Leigh Cook this is the story of a Marine on leave falls in love with an actress who suffers from schizophrenia.Shag (1989) – Set in the summer of 1963, four teenage girls head to Myrtle Beach for a secret adventure.Before Carson (Phoebe Cates) is to be married, she and her friends escape for a few days filled with shag dancing, booze and cute boys.“We needed a location that was serene, one of reflection for one of our lead characters, Michael (played by Russell Shealy.” She went on to say.“Myrtle Beach is naturally gorgeous with stunning sunsets, so it was easy to pick it for filming part of our film!

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