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At that time the upland central region of the county was heavily forested, so humans probably kept to the coastal areas, and around estuaries in particular: "sheltered locations around estuaries, lagoons or marine inlets" Evidence for the Early Mesolithic period in Cumbria is largely confined to finds in caves.

This article is about the area that became the county of Cumbria in 1974, and its inhabitants.

The Neolithic saw the construction of monuments, and, more notably perhaps, the running of the axe 'factory' from which stone axes were carried around the country.

The Bronze Age saw continuity with the Neolithic way of living and Iron Age Cumbria saw the establishment of the Celtic tribes - possibly those called the Carvetii and Setantii by the Romans.

The change "is marked by the appearance of ...leaf-shaped arrowheads, scrapers and polished stone axes together with pottery and ceremonial and funerary monuments".

At some time, the Mesolithic coastal communities must have moved further inland, probably following rivers along valley corridors into the heart of Lakeland. "The small amount of early Neolithic flintwork from the coastal plain has been taken to suggest a move away from the coast inland where the monuments of the Neolithic tend to be located.

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