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The feast of Saints Peter and Paul reaches a climax as hundreds flocked to worship.Ice cream and sweet vendors line up near the church to sell their products to the devotees.After the holy mass the statues of the saints was placed on a gaily decorated chariot and taken on procession on streets of Navali on the final day.The catholic devotees sung hymns “Veruththaam” in Tamil and reciting prayers.It was the hope for peace that resonated throughout the high mass on the feast day.“The saints will always keep us safe; they will never let us down; they have always been with us; was with us and they will be with us forever,” was sung buy folk singers of the church .

Hundreds of devotees perform ‘Angapirathshanam’ by rolling on hot sand behind the main chariot praising “Haro hara!

Owning to the diversity of intra religious beliefs, Jaffna has numerous colourful and elaborate celebrations.

The residents love to celebrate temple or church festivals annually.

Marathady Pilliyar temple and Suthumalai, Amman temple festival in Maviddapuram and Thondamannar are the other important Hindu glamorous cultural pageants held in Jaffna.

During these Hindu festivals in Manipay, Maviddapuram, and Thondamannar reverberating sounds of drums announcing the procession emerging from the temple, led by drummers and flag bearers, the ringing of bells and the thin strains of flute music combining with the throb of drums followed by devotees.

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