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The advertiser would like to know where you saw his advertisement — tell him. Absolute central control — all levers and hand wheels concentrated on (rent of machine — quickly and easily operated Work speeds and table feeds entirely independent and cover every range within the capacity of the machine. TORONTO WINNIPEG VANCOUVER The advertiser would like to know where you saw his advertisement — tell him. C A N A D T A \ M A C H I N E R Y K empsmit H PLAIN MILLERS Built in Four Sizes Knee Type Two Sizes Lincoln Type These milling machines are charac- terized by simplicity of operation, rigidity of design and highest accuracy in construction. This machine has an enormous capa- city for doing rapid, accurate and economical work of quality. If you are interested in up-to-date money- saving machinery you cannot afford to remain uninformed. Either city, natural, gasolene or producer gas can be used with any type of oven. Electric Drills and Grinders Save Time, Labor and Money They can be at- tached to any lamp socket. The sliells are now taken over to a resin kettle whei-e hot resin is poured in to form a matrix for the bullets. A considerable quan- tity of east iron pipe may be required. — The town council are cunsidering' the installation of a sewage system, estimated to cost .,000. These are derived from our patented single-unit speed-change mechanism, .\utomatic feed at either or both ends of tabie reverse. Onr patented speed-change gear box allows for 12 work speeds and G table feeds. Our literature on the construction and use of Milling Machines will be found interesting and suggestive. We manufacture a complete line rf LABOR-SAVING MACHINERY all kinds and sizes, for Structural Iron Works, Railroad and Locomotive Shops, Boiler Shops, Rolling Mills, Agricultural Implement and Plow Shops, etc. HAMILTON, OHIO Canadian Rcprcscntatiru RUDEL-BELNAP CO. Ovens and trucks built for baking the varnish or finish on any number or size of shells required at a time. WILLIAMS MACHINERY CO., LIMITED, TORONTO, CANADA The advertiser xvovld like to know where you saw his advertisement — tell him. CANADIAN MACHINERY 11 FOR ALL PURPOSES Presses Riveters Cranes Hoists Jacks Pipe Fittings Pumps Accumulators Intensifers Leather Packings Valves Gauges 2000-ton Southwark-Extruding Press OTHER SOUTHWARK PRODUCTS Centrifugal Pumps Turbo Generators for Direct and Alternating Current Turbo Blowers Turbo Pumps Surface and Jet Condensers with their Auxiliaries Southwark-Harris Valveless Oil Engine, for stationary and marine use (built in sizes up to 1000 B. P.) Southwark Foundry & Machine Company PHILADELPHIA Founded 1836 Old Colony Building, Chicago Brown-Marx Building, Birmingham "First Builders of Large Centrifugal Pumps in America." // what you want is not advertised in th is issue consult the Buyers' Directory at the back. For drilling in metal they are superior to any other kind of portable drill. Imme- diatelv afterwards the shell is weighed ion CANADIAN MACHINERY V,.lurae XIV. Field has ac- (■e])ted an offer from the council of ! Our service de- partment will see to it that the grit and grade are right — that you get the Rig'ht Wheel in the Right Place. Every manufacturer of shell and shrapnel is facing one problem — How to get more rapid and efficient production. One light cut is only necessary to finish machining the body of shell, and this is done by an ordinary turning tool. plain g Tinder built by the Landis Machine Co., Waynesboro, Pa., is used. It will be noticed in the illustration that there are two banding presses. Careful designing will save future worries for both the builder and user. Be certain, therefore, that you get an Aloxite wheel — the wheel for steel. New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh nd Cincinnati Grand Kapids Ghicato kee Manchester. Our Engineering Department is thoroughly equipped to give expert assistance and advice upon any transmission problem, and to investigate and design any drive upon request. CANADIAN MACHINERY ALUNDUM FOR SHRAPNEL Iriir Julin Fix'iieli's dfuiaiid fur "i Sliells, shvl Ls, then more shells," is meeting with a heart}' response in Canada to-day. Canadian Agents for NORTON COMPANY, Worcester, Mass., U. This operation completes machining on the inside of shell. For the first mentioned method an engine lathe built by the F. For the machining operation a plug centre is screwed into the nose of the shell and placed on the live or headstock centre of lathe, the base centre engag- ing with the tailstock centre. Were saving "pen- nies ' ' in file-cost — and throwing away ' ' dollars ' ' in filing-time. CINCINNATI, OHIO Riveting Base of Explosive I Projectile A very essential operation in sliell Muinufacturing. The tool is fed in Removing Centre and Marking, by a hand wheel to a dead stop. The rear or finishing tool is held in a steel block working in a slide on a fixture on the saddle at the back. Ottawa, Ont.— The city council will proceed with the installation of an in- cinerator. We proved to him — by personal experienee in his own shops — on his own worlv — that the more files he used the more money he S. That the time saved and the extra work produced by using only EFFICI- ENT files, more than paid for the slight extra cost of additional files. Prevents gas from the explosive charge behiuil the shell from reaching the explosive oontents of ;he shell itself. The The centre projecting from the base front tool holder is provided with a has up to this stage been retained and hinged scraper rest for removing the used in the various machining opera- ■LAXDIS" GRINDEK FINLSHING . The tool is mounted above the work, but can be adjusted to pass down behind n XISHING .\Nn THREADING NOSE INSIDE block, before the chuck is tightened. B., have been awarded the contract for the construction of a sewerage sys- tem. Sherbrooke, Que., will supjily and erect a steel water tank for the lowii of Bedford, Que., at a cost of .,(17."). Ont., have been awarded a contract for pumping machinery by tlie Chatham Townslii|i ( 'oiincil. — The Light and Water Commissioners have passed a re- solutiou accepting the tender of the Donnelly Wrecking Co. Toronto, Ont.— The Toronto Hydro- Eleetric Commission has awarded a con- tract for the supply of 1,000 feet of conductor cable at 42 cents a foot to the Eugene Phillips Electric Co. While his old way of wearing-out files costs many times its price in wasted labor. Neglect of this oper- ation would probably cause the shell to ex- plode and kill or injure the gun crew. The front or roughing tool is held in a holder working: on a cross slide on the the work, and in passing shave the band to size. He "saw the light." To-day, his workmen use only EFFICIENT files. After the she U is ill position the ma- chine is started and the shell is rotaleti one complete revo- lution by hand and. The feed on the back tool is controlled by a lever and pinion. Dorchester, Ont.— A by-law has been ))assed granting a franchise to the Southern Ontario Natural Gas Co., and permitting the laying of gas mains in the municipality.

Published by the Mac Lean Publishing Co Tipany, Limited, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and l^ttclan. XIV Publication Office: Toronto, August 12, 1915 No. The National Check is Always in Service Thousands of concerns are using our equipment. Much larger in National-Chapman Elevating Trucks shipped f.o.b. Ask for our new catalog C-E, and address all inquiries to NATIONAL SCALE COMPANY CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS. Cutters Can lie furnished 'if either carhim or high .speed steeh The shank of the guide passes through the hole in the cutter and the shoulder Vietween the guide and its .:ting that his shops were so systematized, that no ■leak" nor waste could possibly occur. This is equipped with a universal chuck mounted on the headstock spindle which is driven by friction clutch pulley controlled by a lever within reach of the operator. Askwith is city en- gineer, from whom particulars may be , obtained. — Tenders will be re- ceived by the City Commissioners up till Monday, September 6th, 1915, for the supply, delivery and erection of a 7,- 000,000 gallon pumping unit at the city power house. Mae Kay, Superintendent of waterworks, Regina, Sask. — Tenders, addressed to the secretary-treasurer of the Board of Education, will be received until Tues- day, August 17, 1915, for all trades for enlargement of Eglinton Public School, also heat regulators and sundry trades in other schools. Plan and specification may be seen at the office of the Water Commissioners, Burlington, or at the of- fice of the engineers, Chipman & Power.

Its rapidity aud accuracy will meet your every need, AS TO PRICE — you cannot get a better saw anywhere for the money : — No. ALUNDUM is solving the problems of others; why nor yours f The Canadian Fairbanks -Morse Company, Limited N. The copper band is slipped over the base into the recess, the shell being then placed on a plate in the centre of the press.

Man Trs of "Barnes -made" Products Sprin9S, Scre« Mivchine Product^vtoia Rolled Steel and Wire This Shinn Metal Cutting Band Saw is specially adapted to requireaiei;ts of Canadian Shrapnel Shell Manufacturers Will cut all kinds of metals at any angle. Its application implies minimum wheel- wear — more rapid production — and greater oper- ating economy. For grinding the shell, the same type of centre is used for the nose end as for the machining operation. Both presses are operated from one pump and accumulator built by Wm. The method of operation is the same for both presses.

\'heii one manufac- urer orders 150 Murchey Collapsing Taps There must be a reason. It's just this — these taps are taking the place of higher- priced tools, and they are speeding up production with all the rigid accuracy and quality of work that is demanded in the output of shell work. MURCHEY MACHINE & TOOL COMPANY 34 Porter St., Detroit, Michigan The gas light was a big im- provement over the tallow dip, but it had to give way to the electric light; and the Tungsten has superseded the little glimmer that once de- lighted us. The brass socket is ne.\t screwed into the nose, and the fuse tube soldered in the hole in the socket. When the brass sockets are received at the |)lant they are already machined and threaded except for that part out- side which forms the fuse plug seat.

If you are still employing pipe-cutting methods as anti- quated as the tallow dip, you need a Williams Pipe Ma- chine, which occupies the same position in the pipe-cut- ting field as the Tungsten does in the lighting world, to bring you up-to-date. A "Bertram"" engine lathe with turret at- tachment is emploved for machininjr •this.

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