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There is a self-reflexive relationship between the gallery visitor and Lorna, the television is the apparatus of interaction for both.A powerful element of the installation is that only one spectator can experience the work at one time.In his Guardian review, Adrian Searle joked that he found himself concerned that Lorna “might wander in and kill me”.If you get far enough, the three final possibilities to conclude the claustrophobic drama are suicide, escape, or – more sensationally – to shoot the television. Exploring the temporality of identity, specifically feminine identities, the video depicts a blind woman who undergoes medical treatment that allows her to see online images.Looking backwards from 2016 to 1966, the curatorial timeline brings together over 100 artworks in order to explore the impact of computer and Internet technologies on artists.The proportion of male and female artists felt more balanced than in other museum group shows.Magid chose to complete these forms as though they were letters to a lover.

For access to this footage, Magid had to submit Subject Access Request Forms - the legal document necessary to outline to the police details of how and when an 'incident' occurred.In the first interactive video art disc, indeed the first interactive art installation, users make decisions for Hershman Leeson’s agoraphobic female protagonist, interacting with the piece through the use of a remote control connected to a television set.The installation takes the form of a small room, designed to look like a 1970s apartment.Much of Hershman Leeson’s work involves these ‘cyborgian gestures’ - where technology infiltrates the body.The evocation of the relationship between humans and machines anticipates the popularity of virtual avatars and online virtual words, such as (1988), a 360-degree video installation, in which the viewer experiences the last five minutes in the lives of five characters who are human and prosthetic composites.

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